Today’s special is Tuna Melt!
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Daily Special

Today’s special is a tuna melt with chips and a pickle $8.95 (choice of bread and cheese)

Haddock fish burger with homemade coleslaw and fries $10.95

Soup is homemade chicken noodle and homemade chili 

Homemade salads are mac, potato and coleslaw 

We have fried chicken salad with homemade honey mustard. A cranberry chicken salad.

We have plenty of grab and go stuff like egg salad, cranberry chicken salad, egg and olive, crab salad, wings , chicken Marsala and a stuffed pepper. 

Kings chocolate milk and white milk

We have a new cookie which is Chaos decadent

(Pretzel, potato chips, semi sweet chocolate chips, pecans, peanut butter chips and cookie cream pieces)

We have homemade Poutine with river rat cheese. $ 5.50 Cheese curd delivery after 3

We have wunderbar bologna which makes a great sub or sandwich 

We have subs, sandwiches and wraps

Quarter pound hot dog with fries $6.50

Call ahead or sit in