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Today’s our deal day wings and Mac n cheese for $10 Cup of chicken and rice with 1/2 egg salad sand for $8.50 Soup is homemade chicken and rice and homemade chili Salads we have chef, Cobb, and chicken Caesar. We have homemade tuna Mac, Mac, potato, and Italian cauliflower.
Today’s special is a patty melt which is a hamburger with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese on grilled marble rye bread served with chips, and a pickle We also have a cup of soup of the day with a half of ham and cheddar cheese on white or white bread for
June 3rd Hello everyone!!! Today’s special is a homemade beef burrito with homemade Spanish rice and homemade chipotle ranch on the side Soup is homemade chicken noodles and homemade chili Besides our subs, we can make sandwiches Salads we have Mac, potato, and tomato salad Our soft is up and

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